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Christian & Mariana's fundraiser for Students from any College

Christian & Mariana's fundraiser for Students from any College

Mariana Arrobas (AC93) from Portugal and Christian Havrehed (AC88) from Denmark (both National Committee members and former Beach Rescue), have DP2 children who cannot go back to their respective UWC campuses for normal term start in August due to the Coronavirus. They believe:

UWC is about living and studying together in a community of like minded peers. It is about participating in exciting CAS activities. It is about exchanging views and learning from each other in the common room. It is very hard to live this UWC experience when isolated at home, studying on-line.

The pandemic has turned UWC students' dreams into nightmares of uncertainty and loneliness. Please helps us help as many stranded UWC students as possible to a bubble so they can continue to thrive until they can re-join their respective colleges.

Please support Christian and Mariana by sponsoring Bubble Boosts that will be used to help send students from any college to the Ranum Bubble (and potentially other Bubbles as well, if they materialise)

1. Donations to the Ranum Bubble are not tax deductable
2. If you are a Danish tax resident and would like a tax deduction for your donation, please contact the Danish UWC Coordinator Kid Ehrhardt at: Kid will guide you how to make a tax deductible donation.

1 Bubble Boost Dkr 100 (ca. EUR13 or USD15)

Please enter the number of Bubble Boosts you wish to sponsor (It takes 110 Bubble Boosts to sponser one student for one month):

kr. 100,00
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